Where to eat in Shizuoka: Restaurant recommendations

A picture of Aoba Oden gai in Shizuoka with lanterns and autumn momiji leaves decorations. 静岡市の青葉おでん街

After our posts on what to eat in Shizuoka, and Shizuoka cafe recommendations, we thought we’d follow up with a post introducing some of our favourite restaurants in Shizuoka city


Chakkiriya is an izakaya which serves loads of different dishes. We’d recommend the very instagrammable Mt Fuji Gyoza! (They are green and come in a huge mount fuji shaped pot. Definitely a must). The best thing about an izakaya is that you can buy lots of dishes to share, so this is the perfect place to try things like oden, kurohanpen fish cakes or sakura ebi cherry shrimp kakiage. Chakkiriya have an English menu too!

Aoba Oden street and Aoba Oden alley

Shizuoka is famous for its’ oden, and where better to go than a whole street full of small independent oden shops? Try oden with a beer or with ochawari, Shizuoka green tea mixed with shochu. Oden Yokocho and oden street both also get bonus points for being very instagrammable. Some of the oden-ya like Roman have English menus, but many don’t, so be prepared.

Golden Yokocho

This little alleyway near Shizuoka station has got personality in spades, and loads of different options to choose from including seafood, kushikatsu and yakitori. No english menu, but the staff are super friendly and helpful, and if you’re feeling brave just ask for omakase or osusume. The atmosphere is really great- there is often live music playing and the alleyway is cluttered with neon and lanterns for the perfect Japanese side street vibe.

Sawayaka Burger

This Shizuoka burger chain is famous in Japan- depending on the time of day you might have to line up for a while (up to two hours on a Saturday!), but it is pretty yummy!


This teeny yakitoriya grilled chicken place is really close to My Hotel Ryugu, and we always get rave reviews from our customers. They are teeny and close fairly early, so get in there quickly!


Shizuoka is a port city, and it is famous for its’ seafood! There are conveyor belt sushi restaurants like Kura Sushi south of JR Shizuoka or at Higashi Shizuoka but we recommend going to Shimizu’s S Pulse Dream Plaza for their Sushi market- they even have a sushi museum! There are also lots of yummy seafood places around town and in JR Shizuoka station too!

Coco ichi

It’s not unique to Shizuoka, but Coco Ichi is a must try when you’re in Japan, especially when you’re catering to vegetarians or if you’re sick of Japanese food (it happens apparently…) Japanese curry is delicious and filling, and won’t break the bank. There is a coco ichi about 30 seconds walk from My Hotel Ryugu, and they even do takeout if you’re feeling lazy!


Locomani is a hawaiian restaurant in the stylish Takajo area of Shizuoka. They also serve vegan options, which is relatively rare in Japan.

Thanks for reading! We’d love to hear your favourite places to go in Shizuoka City, so please comment if you’ve got any recommendations!

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