What to do in Shizuoka- year round events guide 静岡年間イベントガイド(春)

We’ve put together a list of the major events that happen in Shizuoka- there’s something to do whatever time of the year you visit!


いつお越しいただいても、 静岡には楽しいイベントがありますよ♪

Spring 春

Shizuoka Oden Matsuri 静岡おでんまつり

Shizuoka is famous for Oden, and in March Shizuoka Oden festival brings different types of oden from all over Japan!



Kawazu Sakura 河津桜

March also brings early blooming Kawazu Sakura – you can go to Kawazu in Izu, but we also have some trees in Sunpu castle park!

河津桜とは静岡県賀茂郡河津町にて毎年2月上旬から咲き始め3月上旬までの約1ヶ月に咲く早咲きの桜です。 ちなみに駿府城でも見れますよ♪

Sakura season! 桜の季節には

Sakura season is definitely an amazing time to visit Japan,and Shizuoka has some great Hanami flower viewing spots! We recommend Sunpu Castle Park.



Shizuoka Festival- Early April 静岡まつり

Shizuoka Festival boasts a procession of people dressed as daimyo and their servants parading round Shizuoka, along with food stands. The Sakura in the park are lit up after dark and the atmosphere is great.


Shizuoka Hobby Show‐early May 静岡ホビーショー

Shizuoka is famous for its plastic models, and the hobby show in May is a huge event full of vendors and exhibits.


Hamamatsu Festival- May 浜松まつり

Kites are flown and there are parades in town in this lively festival.


Shincha 新茶の季節

Shincha, or new tea, is in season in Spring. It is supposedly the best tasting in this season, so make sure you pick some up for yourself and some for omiyage souvenirs!


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