What to do in Shizuoka- year round events guide2 静岡年間イベントガイド(夏)

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We’ve put together a list of the major events that happen in Shizuoka- there’s something to do whatever time of the year you visit!


いつお越しいただいても、 静岡には楽しいイベントがありますよ♪

Summer 夏

Summer festival season!  夏祭りの季節

There are big festivals such as the Sunpu Castle park summer festival, but also teeny local festivals and bon odori dancing! Summer is a bit of a hot and sticky time to visit Japan, but if you are here in July- August, definitely try and find a festival and some fireworks to go to!



Mount Fuji Climbing season! 富士山山開き

There is only a short period during which you can climb Mount Fuji, from early July to late September. It is said that while everyone should climb Mount Fuji once, only a fool climbs it twice. Summer is also the time to see Mouth Fuji without its snowy cap.


Ride on the special Steam train! 機関車へ乗ろう

Thomas the Tank Engine

Have you ever seen such a real Thomas?It has enjoyed its popularity since its launch in 2014, and now his friend James has joined the party. You can just get the tickets of Thomas the Tank Engine in the Japan domestic market. There are also different types of train. You will enjoy the beautiful scenery from train window.



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