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5 more things to do in Shizuoka

After last month’s post 6 things to do in Shizuoka City, we’re back with 5 more ideas of day trips and places to go in Shizuoka city and in Shizuoka prefecture. All of these are easily accessible on foot from the city centre, or by public transport. Along with some more famous places, we’ve included some of our personal favourites too~

view of Mount Fuji from yatsuyama 静岡市谷津山から見える富士山
view of Mount Fuji from yatsuyama 静岡市谷津山から見える富士山

Hike up Yatsuyama

Kiyomizu dera (no, not the one in Kyoto) is a small and calm temple a few minutes walk from My Hotel Ryugu and Shizuoka station. Carry on along the path past the temple for an enjoyable hike, and views of Mount Fuji at the top. The path goes along to Shizuoka Gokoku Jinja, a large and impressive shrine. From from there you can walk further, turn back, or visit the nearby Mark is shopping centre. You could also ride the Shizuoka Tetsudo train back to the town centre for only 120 yen.

Izu Peninsula

The Izu peninsula is a bit further afield but easily accessible by train from Shizuoka city, (especially for those with the JR pass!) it’s beautiful and a must-do if you are in Shizuoka for enough time. It’s famous for its onsen hot springs and the coastal scenery.

view of mount fuji from Fujinomiya, Shizuoka prefecture 富士宮市から見える富士山
view of mount fuji from Fujinomiya, Shizuoka prefecture 富士宮市から見える富士山


Fujinomiya is a great day trip from Shizuoka city, and there is a beautiful view of Mount Fuji up close from the main Sengen shrine. There are lots of places to buy omiyage souvenirs, and we recommend you try some Fujinomiya yakisoba. You can also visit the recently opened Mount Fuji World Heritage Centre. A bit further afield is the waterfall shiraito no taki.

静岡県掛川城 Kakegawa castle in Shizuoka prefecture, Japan
静岡県掛川城 Kakegawa castle in Shizuoka prefecture, Japan


Kakegawa city is just a short train ride from Shizuoka. The castle is beautiful and was reconstructed using wood, unlike many others in Japan which are made of concrete. Kakegawa is also home to Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido, and the Shiseido art house and the company museum are both free to enter and interesting, so are a great way to spend the afternoon after visiting the castle.

old style japanese houses in okabe shuku, shizuoka 静岡県岡部宿の街並み
old style japanese houses in okabe shuku, shizuoka 静岡県岡部宿の街並み

Utsu no ya and the Meiji tunnel

To get to this area you have to take a bus ride from Shizuoka or Shin Shizuoka station. This area is great for hiking as it is near the Tokaido and the old Tokaido routes. A short hike from Okabeshuku is the Meiji tunnel, which is now disused but was the first tunnel in Japan that you had to pay to get through. Now it is disused and is peaceful, if a little spooky. Also in the area is the Tsuta no hosomichi, which was first recorded in the Ise monogatari. There are also several picturesque post towns along the tokaido, including okabeshuku and mariko shuku

picture of mount fuji as seen from fujinomiya, shizuoka, Japan. Text reads: 5 more things to do in Shizuoka, Japan
富士宮から見える富士山の写真です。テキストは英語で5 more things to do in Shizuoka, Japan 登かいてあります。

We hope you enjoyed our post! Hopefully now you have got some more ideas for where to go on your next trip to Shizuoka!

Also make sure to read our post on 6 things to do in Shizuoka City and Where to go in Shizuoka: Kunozan Toshogu for more ideas ♡

We also have Instagram where we post ideas of places to go and what’s going on in Shizuoka!

新登場!大部屋和室 New Washitsu Rooms at My Hotel Ryugu

お風呂ではなくシャワーブースで、アメニティーも付いていないので、お得な 料金でご利用いただけます。

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詳しくご料金などについてはぜひ information のページをチェックしてください!

New rooms at My Hotel Ryugu- we’ve just redone our second floor, and we’ve added three new large Washitsu Japanese style rooms!

These rooms are perfect for those who want to have the traditional Japanese experience of sleeping in a futon on a tatami floor- and for those who want to do so on a budget.

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We’d love to have you to stay here in Shizuoka~

washitsu Japanese style tatami room at My Hotel Ryugu

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6 things to do in Shizuoka City

Kunouzan Toshogu temple in Shizuoka City
Kunouzan Toshogu temple in Shizuoka City

Shizuoka is situated perfectly (in our opinion) in the middle of Honshu, so it’s an ideal place for a few days of your trip to Japan. It’s less than an hour on the Shinkansen from Tokyo, and just over an hour to Osaka and Kyoto. For those who have bought the JR pass, you can go anywhere! But today, we’ll be sharing 6 suggestions for what to do while you’re in Shizuoka city.

Kunouzan and Kunouzan Toushougu- Nihon Daira

You have to take a bus or taxi to get to Kunozan and Nihon Daira from Shizuoka city centre, but it’s well worth the trip. Kunozan Toshogu shrine is impressive, and Nihon Daira’s newly opened Yume Terrace is the perfect spot for viewing Mount Fuji. Click the link below to read our post about the area:

Where to go in Shizuoka: Kunozan Toshogu

Drink Green Tea in Chamachi

Shizuoka is famous for its’ green tea, and in the Chamachi area of Shizuoka you’ll find lots of tea wholesalers, retailers, and the Tea Market. Spend a morning walking around the area and you’ll find plenty to see- it’s also the perfect place to pick up some Omiyage souvenirs for people back home! We recommend Kinzaburo for their green tea parfait which you can eat in their washitsu room upstairs. Also worth a look is Kojima Chaten- who stock a large variety of different types of Shizuoka tea.

Shimizu and Miho no Matsubara– the perfect place to see mount Fuji, Miho no Matsubara’s pine trees and black volcanic sands have been immortalised in art such as woodblock prints by Utagawa Hiroshige. Beautiful and peaceful.
Shimizu- Shimizu is a port, so you’ll find yummy seafood and sushi, and it’s also the home of Chibi Maruko chan land, and S-Pulse Dream Plaza. There are also lots of independent cafes and shops.

Sunpu castle park Shizuoka city was once a post town on the Tokaido route from Tokyo to Kyoto in the Edo Period. Although the castle itself burnt down and was not reconstructed, the walls remain and the park itself is lovely. Momijiyama Teien, the traditional Japanese garden within the park is well worth a visit too, although you have to pay an entrance fee. You can also visit the tea room where you can drink Shizuoka tea and eat Wagashi Japanese sweets for around 500 yen.

Shizuoka Sengen Jinja- Shizuoka Sengen Jinja is large and impressive, and it is often fairly peaceful (apart from when they have matsuri- then it’s packed with people and yatai food stands). Climb up the steps and the hill for a beautiful view of Mount Fuji when the weather is clear. There is also a hike from Sengen Jinja into the surrounding hills and tea fields.

We have loads more suggestions for things to do in Shizuoka, so make sure you check our blog again. We’ll be uploading suggestions and things to do over here, and on our instagram @myhotel_ryugu

text reading 6 things to do in shizuoka city over a picture of torii and stone lanterns at Kunozan Toshogu

Where to go in Shizuoka: Kunozan Toshogu

Kunozan Toshogu
Kunozan Toshogu

One of Shizuoka city’s best attractions is the Kunozan area and Kunozan Toshogu shrine. It’s a little bit out of the way, but well worth the effort to visit and spend a day here- it’s beautiful and there are plenty of activities to fill your day with. From the National Treasure listed Kunozan Toshogu shrine to strawberry picking, and impressive views of Mount Fuji, there’s something in the Kunozan area for everyone.

Kunozan Toshogu

How to get there:

There is a bus from Shizuoka Station’s south exit, but it would be quicker by car or taxi. The bus takes around 45 minutes, and you might have to change at Ohya area (it’s the last stop on the bus route). The bus costs around 500 yen, and as it is a countryside route, there are no english signs or furigana for the place name. So we’d recommend telling the bus driver you want to go to Kunozan, and they will be able to tell you where to go. There are relatively few buses running so be sure to check beforehand! Alternatively, you could travel to Nihon Daira by bus or taxi and then take the nihondaira ropeway.

Kunozan Toshogu

What to do:

Kunozan Toshogu: This intricate shrine is a national treasure, and it’s well worth the climb of 1159 stone steps to reach the top! The shrine’s style is different from many other Japanese shrines as it is a Toshogu shrine dedicated to Tokugawa Ieyasu, the most famous Toshogu shrine being Nikko. Entrance to the shrine is 500 yen. There is also a museum, which costs 400 yen. The upper section of the shrine, which contains remains of Tokugawa Ieyasu, is considered a ‘power spot’ by Shizuoka locals.

Kunozan Toshogu shrine's main entrance 久能山東照宮の入口
Kunozan Toshogu shrine’s main entrance

Ropeway to Nihon Daira– Nihon Daira is the perfect place to view Shizuoka city, and Fuji san too if it’s a clear day. (Be sure to check the weather beforehand to avoid disappointment.) Fuji san or no Fuji san, it’s still a beautiful view of the city, and across the Suruga bay and the Izu peninsula. Newly opened Nihon Daira Yume Terrace has an informative and free display explaining the history and geography of the area, and a cafe where you can relax and enjoy the view. A one way ticket on the ropeway is 550 yen and a return ticket is 1000 yen.

Ichigo gari strawberry picking– Kunozan is famous for ishigaki ichigo, and there are many small farms where you can pick strawberries (or you can buy them pre-picked). Tabehoudai all you can eat strawberry picking starts at around 1200 yen

Strawberry omiyage- there are loads of yummy strawberry omiyage souvenirs available- and lots in cute packaging ready to send back home. Definitely have a strawberry ice cream or a cup of fresh strawberry juice too while you’re at it.

Sea Walk– The stretch of beach at the bottom of Kunozan is black volcanic sand, and a walk along the shore is a very relaxing way to spend a few minutes, for example if you’re waiting for the bus home.


Some of the 1159 stone steps leading up to Kunozan Toshogu shrine 久能山の石階段
Some of the 1159 stone steps leading up to Kunozan Toshogu shrine

Kunozan toshogu is located at the top of 1159 stone steps, so is unfortunately not very accessible. One option might be to go by car to Nihon Daira and take the ropeway to Kunozan, avoiding the steps. However, this route is still not step free.

Although the steps and the bus make accessing Kunozan Toshogu a little bit more challenging, it is such a peaceful area, and well worth the effort to visit. Don’t miss a visit if you are in the Shizuoka area!

For more information please visit Kunozan toshogu’s website

Stone lanterns and Torii at Kunozan Toshogu
Stone lanterns and Torii at Kunozan Toshogu

What to do in Shizuoka: Travel Guides and English Language resources

We love Shizuoka city, but it’s a bit of a hidden gem, and that means that sometimes it can be hard to find out what the city has to offer, especially when it comes to English language travel guides. So in this post we’re going to round up our favourite resources and ways to find out what’s going on in Shizuoka City

Tourist information centre

First stop is the tourist information centre! There are two in Shizuoka, and the staff are always really helpful. They are both near the train station, so it’s definitely worth stopping by and grabbing a map and asking the staff for their recommendations.

Japan Guide

Japan Guide is an amazing travel resource, but unfortunately does not have that much information about Shizuoka city besides the main tourist spots. That being said, their itinerary for a day in Shizuoka city is informative and includes a great mix of places and activities.

A sunny day out in Shizuoka City

A trip to Shizuoka City.

Explore Shizuoka

Explore Shizuoka is an easy to use website focused on Shizuoka, so is much more detailed than other websites. It’s stylish and easy to use, and is run by Tourism Shizuoka Japan. Definitely worth a read.

Explore Shizuoka | Home of the Majestic Mount Fuji

Cycling in Shizuoka There is no doubt that Japan is quickly becoming recognized as one of the world’s top cycling destinations – Shizuoka has something for everyone. With mountains that rival that of Europe, abundant quiet roads where cars are seldom seem and a…

Shizuoka Guide

This website, like Explore Shizuoka, is easy to use, informative and is also operated by TSJ. This site also has the option to display information in Korean and Chinese, and has a free downloadable guide that you can print out too.


© 2015 Shizuoka Guide. All rights reserved. Presented by Shizuoka Prefectural Tourism Association

Must See Japan this website has lots of information about Shizuoka city and the surrounding area in both Japanese and English, although the English is machine translated. It’s not the prettiest or easiest to use website on this list, but it does have lots of information.


Instagram is another great resource for finding places off the beaten track (don’t forget to follow us at @myhotel_ryugu ♡)

Searching for specific hashtags like #shizuoka can give you lots of ideas about where locals like to go and where the most picture perfect locations are in Shizuoka (and trust us, there are so many to choose from!). Try searching by location, and also try searching in Japanese: try #静岡おすすめスポット or Shizuoka City’s offical hashtag, #恋する静岡市

マイホテル竜宮 (@myhotel_ryugu) * Instagram photos and videos

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Don’t forget to bura bura

We’d recommend having a look at a few different resources while you’re planning your visit, but don’t forget to leave some time to bura bura– wander around aimlessly- because that’s how you’ll find the most unique places.

And of course, all of our guests at My Hotel Ryugu are welcome to ask the hotel reception- we have lots of resources and can tailor suggestions to individual guests.

We look forward to seeing you in Shizuoka soon!!

河津桜が咲きました🌸Kawazu sakura in Sunpu-jo koen

静岡公園での河津桜 early blooming kawazu sakura at sunpu-jo koen, Shizuoka

The Sakura in Sunpu-jo koen is blooming at the moment~ Kawazu sakura is a type of sakura that blooms earlier than normal sakura 🌸


静岡公園での河津桜 Kawazu sakura at Sunpu Jo Koen, Shizuoka city

We would definitely recommend going to Sunpu Castle park to take a look! You could also take a picnic and make it an early hanami – flower viewing picnic. The most popular season for hanami is in March-April, but there’s no harm in starting early 🙂

ぜひ駿府城公園に行ってみてください♡ お早目なお花見でもいいかもしれません~

静岡公園での河津桜 Kawazu sakura at sunpu jo koen, Shizuoka city
静岡公園での河津桜 Sunpu jo kawazu sakura close up

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