We love sharing things on our instagram @myhotel_ryugu, but we also love it as a place to get information about all the things that are happening in Shizuoka, and for some major travel inspiration! Here are a couple of our favourite accounts that we recommend if you’re looking for places to go in Shizuoka:


@fieja.jp.1 Fieja is a free paper about Shizuoka which you can pick up in loads of places, including at My Hotel Ryugu. Their account showcases loads of local businesses so it’s a really good place to check out if you want to find a new cafe or are searching for places to go.

@ shizuoka_photo_club

@ shizuoka_photo_club , as the name suggests, is an account dedicated to showing off the best photography of Shizuoka. As such, there are loads of amazing places featured, and it’s a great one to check out if you’re into photography.


@kawane3939 is an account dedicated to the trains of the Oigawa tetsudou railway line, which is a 300 year old steam railway deep in the Shizuoka countryside. The pictures are stunning, and a ride on the steam trains is definitely on our bucket list!


@phantastic420 This account posts stunning short videos of Mount Fuji every day. We especially enjoy their uploads in summer, as it’s too cloudy to see Mt Fuji from Shizuoka city in summer most days.

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いつも応援&ご来店いただきありがとうございます☺️🧡🙏🏻✨ 寒暖差で体調を崩しやすい季節ですが無理せずお過ごしください🙇‍♂️🙇‍♀️今夜は雷⚡️注意報😨お気をつけて⛈ 清水もお祭りの季節が近づいて来ましたね😆⤴️🎇清水みなと祭りの前に ②③7/4(木)〜7/7(日) 第67回清水七夕まつり🎋🌌開催⭐️ 清水駅前銀座アーケード街〜清水銀座商店街 10:30〜21:00 (写真は昨年の作品) 主催:清水七夕まつり実行委員会 今年もたくさんの作品や露店が並ぶのが楽しみですね🥰🍧🍖🍢🍦🍺🍉まるちゃんの作品やサッカー・オリンピックなど見ているだけで気分も上がります⤴️😍 ドリプラ・ちびまるちゃんランド『まるちゃん』も表彰式に参加予定です😉💖 皆さまぜひお立ち寄りください✨ ⭐️毎年7月16日の夜に行われます「清水巴川灯ろうまつり」今年も約4000個もの灯ろうが皆さまの思いや願いを込めて流されます🕯18:30〜21:00 ぜひご覧ください✨ ドリプラでも楽しいイベント・美味しい企画開催予定です✨🙌🏻✨また順を追ってお知らせさせて頂きます☺️ 🍊頑張れ!清水エスパルス‼︎💪🏻✨次節は6/15(土)ホームゲーム🏟開港ダービー⚓️vs横浜FM⚽️18:00KO🔥勝利を✊🏻勝ちロコお願いします🧡🙏🏻🧡 ⚽️頑張れ!サムライブルー💙コパ・アメリカ 日本代表🇯🇵No.22 立田悠悟選手 6/18(火)8:00KO vsチリ🇨🇱 ⛴清水を海洋文化都市へ⚓️ ☆6/14(金)ぱしふぃっく びいなす🚢10:00入港・12:30出港予定⚓️ #sea #sky #instagood #instapic #lovers_nippon #nikonphotography #photography #nikon #instadaily #spulse #頑張れ #清水エスパルス #サッカー #サムライブルー #日本代表 #感謝 #応援 #七夕 #まつり #夏 #ちびまるこちゃん #いつもありがとう #海 #空 #景色 #レストラン #日本 #静岡 #清水 #清水を海洋文化都市へ

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@dreamplaza3360 is the account of S-Pulse Dream Plaza, a shopping mall in Shimizu. It’s well worth a visit and has loads to do apart from shopping. There is sushi museum and the sushi market which serves fish fresh from the port, a ferris wheel and a cinema- perfect if you’re looking for rainy day activities. It’s also home to Chibi Maruko chan land, see below! The account posts dreamy pictures of Shimizu port, as well as cute pictures of soccer team S-Pulse’s mascot, Pul-chan


@chibimarukochan_land is the account of chibi maruko chan (a popular manga and animated series whose creator, Sakura Momoko, was from Shimizu. We recommend checking out this account if you like kawaii things! They also post information about chibi maruko related events in Shizuoka.


@shizuokajin2016 is an account dedicated to Shizuoka! They showcase a lot of events and also a lot of Shizuoka-ben, or shizuoka dialect. If you can read Japanese, we recommend you take a look. You often hear about the famous Kansai dialect, but Shizuoka-ben isn’t really that well known, so it’s really cool to have a place that showcases it.


Last for now is @tetsu.0011, whose account is dedicated to showcasing the most instagrammable cafes in Shizuoka prefecture! We love

We’d love to know your favourite instagram accounts! And don’t forget to check ours out at @myhotel_ryugu

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